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Brand management

Com­pared to many oth­er trade agencies, agents or dis­trib­utors, Marabu offers a very person­al kind of co­op­eration and brand man­age­ment. All three di­rectors person­ally talk with the top customers of the German food trade person­ally. This means for you, a pro­fes­sion­al, cost-conscious and tar­get ori­ented approach for your busi­ness.


Our main focus are on the sectors of perfumery and cosmet­ics, detergents and house­hold cleaners and consumer electron­ics. We supply all drug­stores, de­part­ment stores and large food retail­ers, perfumeries and the entire consumer electron­ics retail­er in Germany and Aus­tria . We focus only on brands of the fast moving consumer goods sector.

New business

We are looking for international brands of the mentioned sectors, which are already successful in their home country and meet the requirements of the German trade and meet the require­ments of the German trade and the German legis­lation. To be successful the German market, a certain willingness of invest­ment is nec­essary. Under these con­ditions, we have already estab­lished many brands in Germany and Austria and made them successful.