Business Activities:

As an international marketing and sales company for Fast Moving Consumer Goods we sell our brands to all well-known trading companies in Germany and Austria. We got central regulation agreements with leading trade organizations. Together with our excellent contacts, our sales network provides you with the best opportunities to successfully position yourself in the German and Austrian market.

Our scope of services comprises the entire chain of the marketing process, from marketing via sales and merchandising through to logistics and collection procedures. MARABU Markenvertrieb provides a range of different models of cooperation. Ranging from the use of individual services on a fee basis to pure marketing with variable payment, through the model of an exclusive distributor who buys or imports the goods from the brand owner and then re-sells them under his own name and on his own account.

Our services are especially suitable for smaller and medium-sized brands for which an own sales organization is either not efficient enough or too costly or which often does not find the sufficient attention required within the portfolio of a Group of Companies.


Business plan

Market research

Packaging- and Display development

Consumer and Trade Promotions

Advertisement / PR

Secondary displays

Distribution / Merchandising

Key account management

Annual negotations

Listing negotations

Field service


Brand presentations

Store checks


Own warehouse

High capacity/ 1.000 sqm

48 hours delivery

EDI data exchange

Display packing



Cooperation Models:

Our scope of services has a modular structure. Depending on your respective needs, you can use our entire range of services in full-service or select individual modules.

We also provide different payment models, ranging from the use of individual services on a fee basis through to pure marketing with variable payment and the model of the exclusive distributor who buys or imports the goods from the brand owner and re-sells them under his own name on his own account.


  • Using the entire scope of services spectrum
  • Buy/import products and re-sell them under your own name on your own account

Sales partners:

  • Using the sales organization and, if necessary, other modules
  • Payment on commission and/or fee basis


Benefits for the
brand owner

● Usage of the broad MARABU sales network: Coverage of the entire German and Austrian food outlet trade

● Usage of central regulation contracts with all major trade organizations

→ Higher probability of success in setting up and developing distribution

→ Lower sales unit costs

for you

The aim of our services and commitment is to position the brands we support as best as possible in the German and Austrian market and to market them successfully. We are aware that we can only be successful long-term if the brand owner as well as the trade partner enjoys verifiable benefits with us.

for the trade

● Bundling of several brands and ranges of goods

● Annual negotiations with only one partner

● Simple accounting with only one supplier

● Usage of central regulation, also for smaller brands

→ Reduction of expenditure and of costs